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Runnan 浮世幻想 (Floating World Fantasy)


Colorful synth-pop production and light rhythms raise up the catchy RnB vocals of songwriter and artist Runnan, as the new album 浮世幻想 (Floating World Fantasy) softly kicks into gear.

Promising uplifting melodies and gentle grooves, the opener sets the bar well for a playlist of nine original and eclectic indie pop songs.

Additional vocals bring further nostalgia in supporting the central tune of our leading singer, whilst retro synths, keys and funky bass lines back up the likes of Diamond Rings, before a distinctly more dreamy ambiance and vocal choir ensues for track three.

From here on in Runnan creatively blends layers of vocal harmony with ethereal soundscapes, riffs and rhythms, for a notably eclectic and consistently joyful, inspiring listen.

浮世幻想 (Floating World Fantasy) offers up an impressive collection of songs, effectively both familiar and fresh in everything from structure to the subtle character and faultless ability of the soulful, mildly raspy but still comfortingly smooth leading voice.

Devoted to presenting a sense of possibility and understanding, this album celebrates love, dreaming and embracing emotions, and at the same time manages to introduce a notably creative artist, with a clear thread of recognizable identity and compositional expression to his work.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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