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Rudy Slug’s sound is the sort that makes you happy to listen to every bar and every line as it pours through. The leading voice is somehow both smooth and gritty, effortlessly rhythmic in adding a hypnotic and captivating quality to an already calming, colourful ambiance. The beat has a modest delicacy to it that lays the foundation well – it’s a unique beat, it runs free from concerns of genre or style, it supports and enhances the vocal flow in a beautiful way, and vice-versa. These two elements were born to walk hand-in-hand through the airwaves.

For a track that claims something overly confident in its title, the lyrics within, the concept and the vibe, all point to something much more endearing and honest and loaded with big dreams. It’s calm yet inspiring to witness, and Rudy Slug’s voice has a superb tone and delivery style that just compels you to keep listening and to listen once more when the track is finished. The vibe is so satisfying in the way that hip hop just doesn’t seem to be these days, simple and effective, naturally skillful and interesting, musically vibrant but far from overbearing.

If anything the longer project is what’s missing from the experience right now. The Rudy Slug fusion of confidence and openness, not unnecessarily cocky but standing tall, motivating you in the way that music should – not dictating how to be, but speaking a certain truth and doing it in a manner that ultimately feels like a long lose classic from the nineties; reinvented with some crisp, modern day building blocks to really give it that power and shine. An artist well worth looking out for.

Listen to the track here. Find & follow Rudy Slug on Instagram. Visit his Website for more info.


Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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