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RPxSB AudioPorn


Artists Rodrigo and Bismark emerged from the San Francisco scene with a shared passion for and dedication to making music. Their journey has been eclectic and ever-impressive, building up naturally towards the release of this latest project.

Audioporn the album showcases the absolute best of the RPxSB sound and style. Leading with refreshing insight, humble tones and intelligent writing, the album offers a wave of authenticity, talent and professionalism in an age of over-simplified genre loops and repeated ideas.

Bringing as much in the way of smart bars as they do engaging, enjoyable soundscapes, the tracks on this album make for a playlist that’s an easy pleasure to escape into. From the gentle expression and captivating story-telling of Deep End – The Intro, through the faster-paced, rhythmic embrace of Pull Up, and right up until the ultimately provocative and compelling Mr White – The Outro, there are multiple concepts and moods at work.

These artists pave their own way, make their own rules, and utilize a clear knowledge of what works in hip hop. They tell new stories, they read the room and the moment with faultless ability, and this project speaks volumes on behalf of it all. An absolute must for fans of classic, heartfelt and creative hip hop.

Download the album via iTunes. Find & follow RPxSB on Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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