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Royal Ruckus Back N Effect


Royal Ruckus and DJ Sean P collaborate for a recent EP release entitled Royalty Check – just one in a series of planned releases. From that first offering, Back N Effect is the second single and video to emerge, a smooth and enjoyably classic, good-vibes-orientated hip hop track, one that puts out sincere energy and optimism in a stylish, engaging way.

The soundscape for this release is immediately likable, for hip hop and organic music fans alike. There’s something quickly immersive about it, the rhythm grabs you, the sound is fresh for the soulful loops and that trip-hop inspired aura. At the same time, there’s a near-vintage mood to music like this, and the rap deliveries on top of it further that inherent connection to the dawn of the genre – each artist effectively tipping their hat to the legends of yesteryear, reigniting the strength of simple, smart lyrics; observational lines, alongside of those which seem a little more personal and intimately honest.

While there’s plenty to love about the groove and finished sound of this track – it works well at volume, to kick start your day or a night out – there’s also plenty to appreciate in the way of story-telling and lyricism in general. The closer you look, the more there is to connect with and relate to, and this effectively takes the track from good to great.

An impressive new release from a project well worth exploring in full. Hip hop seems to be taking a 360 lately, turning back to simplicity and skill, realness and quiet confidence – an exciting time to get back into the raw energy of the genre.

Download or stream the EP Royalty Check here or via Bandcamp. Visit Royal Ruckus’ Website for more information.

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