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Roswell Tied Up / Live Loop Pedal Jam


Stylishly blending organic musicianship and dreamy electronic production, artist and songwriter Roswell kicks things up a notch with single releases and live jams alike.

Currently seeing the single Tied Up slowly but surely make waves online, Roswell also impresses with a live jam set-up over on Instagram.

Recreating the multi-layered sound of his deeply immersive single Tied Up, the live performance offers an equally full and colourful arrangement of details, utilising guitar and loop pedal; along with some psychedelic visuals to further the hypnotic effect.

Balancing uplifting rhythms with beautifully emotive yet precise, flamenco fingerstyle solo-work from the acoustic, the live delivery has the makings of a viral hit, proving increasingly captivating as Roswell makes his way through almost six minutes of live playing. His passion and commitment to the moment shines brightly, allowing the live experience to far outweigh that of the studio session – the raw energy and humanity of it connects on a whole new level.

Download or stream the music here. Check out Roswell on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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