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Roots Asylum The Voice


Beautiful folk songwriting and storytelling connect in an instant with this brand new single from Roots Asylum.

Setting the mood with ease as their organic musicianship envelops listeners and warms the room, the band go on to captivate with intriguing, contemplative lyrics – a story that draws you in, feeling initially distant yet later increasingly relatable.

The second verse in partial strikes more than a few chords. This balance between the unknown, or the stranger, and what we know as ourselves, helps really hold attention throughout The Voice. Furthermore, the rise up from mellow, hypnotic verses, to a bright and uplifting yet lyrically heartbreaking hook, utilizes contrast in a powerful way, and the band meander through these evolving sections in a faultlessly genuine manner.

Rarely, if ever, has the voice in someone’s head been addressed in such a poetic, emotionally compelling, and strangely immersive fashion.

Beautiful writing, original and gripping, arranged in a classic, musically impressive and natural way. I look forward to hearing more from Roots Asylum.

Download or stream The Voice here. Check out Roots Asylum on Facebook & Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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