From blissful sound design to compelling poetic story-telling and a mellow yet captivating vocal lead, Nolan’s Luxury Rap is an album that pours through like a dream and connects on a calming, authentic level.

Hip HopProducer

The very concept of balance, of needing to find that in order to achieve peace and to re-connect with those who matter, is something rarely pondered in modern hip hop; or music in general. This song goes against the grain in many ways, not throwing blame or leading with guilt, just keeping things honest.


A fascinating album – enjoyable at all times yet also unique and unusual enough to really hold your interest. Superb production skills fuse with unlimited creativity and help cement Drearia as an impressively artistic and enchanting artist.

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Cyrpto Kade’s approach to hip hop is one of relentless energy, enthusiasm & flow. However much independent hip hop you may have consumed throughout 2018, Reach is likely to stop you in your tracks.


There’s so much more to the band than the music, admittedly a confusing thing to say – I guess there’s something to connect with that runs deeper than strings & rhythm. Everyone & their neighbor should hear this album.