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Ronnie Styles Soul Ties (Prod. By Kevin Katana)


Standing tall on the back of a strong beat from Kevin Katana, Ronnie Styles drives with a clear concept and a track title that runs deep throughout the entire performance. While there’s a certain jazz-cafe delicacy to the backdrop – these chords, this rising synth line – there’s also a certain intensity to the drum-work and to Styles’ own delivery on top of it.

The entire sentiment of the track is to cut ties, cut someone off – there’s a necessary confidence in that, and though the verses offer melody and something of a laid-back approach to expression, the verses quickly showcase the angst and determination at the heart of the story-line. Styles performs with relentless high energy, lyrics that cut deep and a vocal style that’s emotionally poignant yet genuinely immersed in this idea of moving away from toxicity.

Styles’ voice in general offers just enough character to let it stand out among the crowd. In addition, the flow during the verses never fails to impress, the rhythm of that outpouring is on point at every step, and the lyrics that come with it seek to equally represent the go your own way aura that is the intention of the track.

The beat and the vocal delivery, the melody and the rap flow, all of this works well together to let the short but hard-hitting single leaves its mark fairly quickly. Worth a spin at volume if you’re a fan of contemporary hip hop but also miss the clarity of classic releases from the genre. Styles’ vocal sound has a certain crisp and clean presentation about it, which is genuinely refreshing right now.

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