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Ronald Mkiza Chapter 1: Romance Begins


An immediately soulful and infectious hook starts off this new release from Ronald Mkiza in the best possible way.

Progressing from the stylish, melodic and angsty confidence of the hook and intro, Pay Me goes on to bring in a heavy rap vocal, classic and cleanly mixed, offering a mighty contrast with the lightness and soulful swagger of the hook and the soundscape.

Always we resolve back to these musically epic moments, as the track offers up an almost Americana-soaked moment of shoulder-swaying, sunglasses on, top-down kind of bravado for its chorus.

Also emerging this weekend is the equally creative musical journey that is Down. A fresh vocal-hook meanders artistically on top of a trap beat and alongside a more rhythmically bold rap voice.

Here things take a more upbeat, late-night kind of vibe. Still the style is very much in keeping with the uninhibited creativity of Mkiza. The voice is familiar, recognisable, and juxtaposes the artistic energy of the music in a consistently impressive way. The result is eclecticism, but with threads of definitive identity.

Brilliant, a touch of fun with a dash of depth, musically engaging and summer-time ready in energy and presentation.

Download or stream the project here or find more music over on Bandcamp. Check out Ronald Mkiza on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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