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Romero Quinell Blue Velvet Cake


Heavy bass and up-front, gritty vocals guide us through a contemporary hip hop landscape that is the title-track and introduction to rapper and artist Romero Quinell’s new EP Blue Velvet Cake.

Trap rhythms and equally rhythmic vocals unite amidst the weight of the bass for a series of references that kick things off with confidence and a simple love for the grind. While the opener is a somewhat familiar anthem of the times, the EP mixes things up accordingly as the five tracks go on.

Watch Yo Step is already creative, lighter in soundscape and voice, conceptually clever in its hook sentiment and the breathy story-telling in between.

Then there’s the distorted experimentation of Freak Monster, an electro explosion with a jarred melody that lights up another side to the artist’s reach. The lyrics keep things laid-back, nothing topically heavy comes through, the EP just sets the mood and showcases a performer in his element.

Can’t Talk To Yall is refreshing for its emotive honesty and that clever title concept again – another highlight, musically expressive, vocally breathy and calm, partly melodic and partly rapped.

Then there’s the piano-led closing track, which sees things switch gears entirely. The music is thoughtful, ambient, calm, and the voice is mixed in with auto-tune for a modern relevance but still manages to offer a level of emotion and dedication to the moment that helps elevate things. We get a glimpse of the real protagonist at the heart of the writing, which works well to connect.

A great way to finish, both lyrically and musically. Blue Velvet Cake feels somewhat arbitrary but also well-rooted in the creative style and freedom of Quinell.

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Rebecca Cullen

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