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Roman Redd & Rediet Teferi Time For Two


Immediately inviting for its heavy, blissfully produced rhythm and the contrasting delicacy of acoustic guitar fingerpicking – this collaborative single from Roman Redd and Rediet Referi proceeds to take things from good to great as it rains down all around.

Featuring gorgeously expressive, softly soulful and raspy indie-pop vocals, warming bass and organic layers intertwined with fragments of electro production, Time For Two showcases a superb way with songwriting – building up towards an explosively uplifting, bright and beautiful hook that sees the title resound hypnotically.

Instantly memorable, Time For Two feels all at once like a timeless pop hit and a contemporary twist of creativity. The second verse implements a more passionate sense of longing that helps the overall dynamic hold attention. Then there are the stops and starts, the vocals uniting, the short lines and poetic imagery for a classic and relatable vibe.

All of this works well, and meanwhile the song is, from a distance, a likeable hit of summertime positivity that more than eases the ache of modern life. The final quarter even promises an anthemic call-out and stripped-back clap of a rhythm for a true moment of oneness – the sort that begs for you to witness it in a live setting.

Well worth a few streams this side of 2021.

Check out Roman Redd & Rediet Teferi on IG / IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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