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Rolondo Rich Rich Dreams


Classic rap vocals and contemporary girt and storytelling meet with a refreshing twist of experimental sound-play – Rolondo Rich takes full advantage of the creative space, for his brand new album Rich Dreams.

Sheer confidence guides as the nostalgia of the dawn of Hip Hop pours through for Intro and It’s Nothin’ ‘PlayaStyle’. The latter takes a simplistic yet distinct route, an anthemic track to start things off with creativity and a pure love for the process.

Rolondo Rich has remained true to his boldness and bravado, amassing tens of thousands of streams in the process, and Rich Dreams encapsulates that quality.

Retro tape-like details lead us into the bass-catchy My Sh!t Go, the style and story fresh once again, before the darker haunting vibes of Break Bread lay bare a heavy sense of passion and struggle that captivates. Already the diversity of sound and lyrical intention is immense, Rich Dreams feeling like an eclectic classic unconfined by genre implications.

Consider the shift into Rich Roll – Spanish guitar, melody and auto-tune completely redirecting things, but the voice and the struggle of the story all proving true to the core values of Rolondo Rich. The lyrics are incredibly poignant and revealing, perhaps here more so than ever, and as such the music provides simply a recognisable thread to help you find the right track to come back and delve into once again.

I’m’a Get Rich On You veers away suddenly still, a female lead from Slim Goodie injecting a nostalgic melodic flow and the overall production feeling equally retro. Then we get a simple, classic old school rap anthem in the form of The Big Slime.

The iconic We Don’t Care hits with confidence and colourful impact – a faultless and catchy flow joins quirky production to raise the bar and deliver a natural rap earworm. I.D.K.B.U follows with a similarly yesteryear vibe, uniting lyrical weight and musical minimalism.

Next we shift into an evocative, piano-led and emotional realm, for the contemplative and moving SELFMADE. Rolondo Rich keeps things honest and revealing, connecting on a genuine level despite the confidence and character of his playful approach elsewhere. That combination of elements is crucial.

Award Winning later takes things down a dark and intense pathway, another memorable and compelling listen that holds attention throughout. Then to finish, the vastly-streamed Outro softens the mood – gentle synths and keys creating a warm wash of melody and possibility that lights up a lingering sense of self-belief and optimism.

Wordplay and creativity walk hand in hand with heartfelt intention, confidence and fearless expression. Rich Dreams is a mighty collection, perhaps one of the most versatile rap albums to emerge this year, and a fine testament to the lyrical talent and musical freedom of Rolondo Rich.

Download or stream Rich Dreams. Find Rich Rolando on Instagram, Facebook & TiKTok.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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