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Rod212 You Wanted This


Soulful vocal harmonies and Afrobeat grooves back up the clarity and nostalgia of Hip Hop, as Rod212 kicks off this brand new album with an absolute anthem of exotic and uplifting appeal.

Move Your Body is the opener, its hook instantly enchanting for that Sean Paul melodic depth and passion, the rap verse later shifting gears towards the contemporary realm for an ultimately addictive fusion of genres. It’s a high bar to set, but the album fortunately follows suit – stylishly uniting presence, honesty and vibe throughout.

Thirteen original tracks make up You Wanted This, an impressively well-written and professional yet enjoyable collection, from an artist with a clear understanding of what works and what connects in the modern realm. Versatility is a defiant strength, but the project still remains grounded amidst its sense of flow and its fusion of Hip Hop and other melodic and dance-infused styles.

Consider the shift to the grittier My Way, followed by the sheer juxtaposition of an emotionally poignant Only Relate. Rod212 keeps things real yet entertaining every step of the way, showcasing a range of different flows and stories throughout the finely crafted production and unique soundscapes of the whole album.

Threads of soulful RnB help keep things engaging for listeners from various walks of life and influences. Mind Control veers off entirely towards the long-form melodies of classic RnB, before reflecting on relationship turmoil in a clever and relatable way. Tracks like All About Her explore the concept further, a call and response keeping things eclectic again, but the topic and beat well-rooted amidst romantic contemplation and mood.

Other highlights include the heavy bass and contrasting vocal delicacy to rasp of About To Know Me. Feeling Alive afterwards hits with more anthemic boldness and pace. Then the simplicity and stripped-back audio yet fast-paced bars of Chop Chop redirect things towards the freestyle writing and character strength of Rod212 as performer and leading artist.

Enough is another huge anthem, inspiring and motivational by both design and performance – lyrically focused on the climb and musically reinforcing that sense of self-belief and possibility. An infectious listen that marks a definite contemporary and relevant highlight from You Wanted This.

Kept It Real is also a must-hear – brilliantly simple yet striking, melodic and beautiful but also impressive from a writing and captivating performance perspective. Rod212 masters the storytelling format and musical space here. A personal favourite.

At the final hurdle, Way You Get offers one more RnB hit that’s both seductive and energizing for its groove, soulful hook and quirky, characterful bars.

By the end of this album, the Rod212 vocal whisper will be cemented in your mind, and the vocal stylings throughout both rap and melody will undoubtedly prove recognizable. You Wanted This is a fine collection of modern tracks, blending Hip Hop and Pop but with a welcomed twist of alternative freedom and style. An impressively distinct take on the current sound of the scene.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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