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Rockie Brown Hero


As a taster of the newly released EP Mad World, Rockie Brown’s Hero makes for an ambient and expressive, soulful single, that effectively creates a captivating and engaging audio experience for music fans to get lost within.

The accompanying video for the track helps lay out the intricacies and musicianship that built it, but the audio journey alone offers a united and smooth bit of ambiance that’s contrastingly calming – you can either pay attention to and quickly appreciate the skill, or you can take the song as the gift that it is and feel the embrace of the completed, professionally crafted and passionate composition.

The leading vocal on this track is a little unexpected, the sheer passion and volume and personality adds a level of rock-like grit and soul that’s not often found among such a trip-hop inspired, delicate musicality. While the instrumental set-up feels reminiscent of the likes of Portishead or The xx, the vocal line adds a level of volume and intensity. The lyrics alongside of this add clarity and story-line, and the singer’s connection to these words is made increasingly clear throughout the recording. It’s a powerful performance, one that takes the song from quietly compelling to incredibly emotive and decidedly uplifting. Well worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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