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rocco, grey theory


Introducing an artistically unique take on contemporary sound-design and songwriting, artist and rapper rocco unites ambient production with deeply human lyrical progressions, as the emotive and captivatingly honest grey theory emerges.

Creatively immersive, with trap rhythms and multiple layers of descending melody and subtle distortion intertwined with delicacy, grey theory works well as its own alternative pop or trip hop offering during the first few moments. We get hints of a vocal, whispers of intimate, compelling reflections on life, and it sets the mood and connects in and of itself.

Soon though, the track evolves quite notably, the beat drops in and a rap verse with it, and the underlying depths reach even more hypnotic levels.

The son of renowned musician Ted Nugent, rocco is no stranger to musical pursuits, and grey theory speaks volumes on the years of commitment to creativity that have paved the way.

Fusing experimental aspects with unwavering openness as an individual, the music connects for its identity and relevance combined. Rocco proves a story-teller with a defiantly authentic voice. Well-worth hearing and I look forward to future releases.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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