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Roc Steady Sunday Funday (Feat. The Game, Eastside K-Boy)


Retro electro-funk production and a heavy rhythm and bass back up the nostalgic clarity of original hip hop as this mighty collaborative release hits the scene.

Bringing together the renowned talents of Roc Steady, The Game, Eastside K-Boy and Duuke Mantee, Sunday Funday proves a recognisable anthem of minimal detail yet maximum style and intention.

Vocally clean for a fearless nod to the dawn of the genre, Sunday Funday makes sure its leading riff and beat linger with listeners when the music stops.

In the same instance, the confidence and depth of each verse injects a worthy degree of relevance and commitment to the moment.

It’s a quietly captivating delivery from all involved, with short yet striking bars that suit the quirky and carefree nature of the production.

Rebuilding hip hop from the ground up, Roc Steady and crew take things back to the bare essentials with this hard-hitting new track.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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