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Robot Sunrise A New Start


In breaking away from the former collaborative project dreamfreak, Robot Sunrise was born as a sheer ode to freedom at the helm. The LA-based solo endeavor compiles a lifelong passion for immersive dance music with a clearly honed ability in the studio – intricate production details balancing the delicate and the intense across a heavily intoxicating soudnscape.

Fragments of voice and melody light up the outer edges of this relentless and euphoric rhythm, distortion playing its part for that wholly enveloping power of sound, and structure too weighing in for a crucial dynamic; which helps shine light on the unique nuances of Robot Sunrise all the more so.

Multiple versions of A New Start are in process, not least of all the extended mix, wherein we venture thought tribal-like twists and turns that naturally tighten the music’s grip on its listener.

The arrangement is enchanting, uplifting and awakening in all the right ways, proving both nostalgic and impressively original amidst the current dance landscape. When the full drop into every layer combined hits, there’s a sublime meeting of trip hop softness and house ferocity that’s hypnotic to fall into. That quality alone is enough to transport listeners to some new realm, and again this reimaging of creative dance music is refreshing, and hopefully signifies the start of a brand new chapter in the productional story of our generation.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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