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Rob Georg Time For Some Ink


Rob Georg strikes again with yet another completely unexpected yet addictively enjoyable bit of songwriting. Time For Some Ink revels in the full-rock and Americana-soaked side of Georg’s musicality, leading with a smooth and seductive melody, and a passionate and partly distorted rock ambiance – complete with the swagger and soul of a meandering electric guitar. Within all of this, Rob Georg’s topic of choice is precisely what the title implies. A life-long interest in and love for tattoo art is something shared by many, and this song purely and simply exemplifies and celebrates exactly that.

While the song is notably simple and familiar in set-up, this is the main reason it works so well. Rob Georg never dusts around the central sentiments of his songs, he gets straight to the point – infusing emotion, detail and scene-setting in equal parts, and that honesty combines brilliantly with the natural swagger and flair of his vocal performance and the surrounding music. Nothing flashy or fake is needed, this is good honest music that’s a total pleasure to be embraced by – particularly if the topic connects; as I know it will, with the many, many tattoo and body art fans out there.

The accompanying video really helps reinforce the truthful nature and passion of the writing. Another total joy from Rob Georg. Listen loud.

The needle keeps on stinging, the pain is real – but I’ll be getting a new one, as soon as this one heals. 

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