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Rob Alexander Life As We Know It


Rob Alexander returns in 2020 with an immense 15 track album of original songs. The third single from this is the classic and comforting Life As We Know It – the song introduces the new project in an engaging, uplifting and optimistic fashion.

Rob’s work always conjures up thoughts of Elton John for me – he’s paid tribute to the artist in the past, so it’s a fair comparison. His vocals and his manner of organically yet energetically structuring and progressing throughout each piece offers a wonderfully nostalgic, big-band vibrancy. This single does exactly this, meandering in a 70s pop-rock way for the verse, before dropping in with authority and colour for the hook. You even get an electronically kissed middle-8 that sees an unexpected influx of fuzzy synths.

Conceptually there’s a comforting undertone to the single, the bounce of the beat and the sheer joy in Rob’s vocal helps lines like live in the moment and wipe the tears away stand tall. Then you get the warmth and alacrity of the chorus, which resolves and tops it all off with a lasting, energizing boost.

Elsewhere on the new album, eclecticism stands tall but in a relevant and ever-welcomed way. From the opening funk and space of This Hollywood Road, Rob brings in more of those classic alternative pop-rockers – David Bowie comes to mind here, yet the simple story-telling of the lyrics adds a far more accessible embrace. In every case, this entire album speaks volumes on behalf of positivity, joy, and – ultimately – being yourself. It’s Rob’s story, told with musical precision, brightness, theatrics, and absolute passion.

From the anthem-like boldness and reflective depth of the title track, through loving ballads like Never Gonna Let You Go, complete with subtle, seductive saxophone, to the multi-layered escapism of a complex We’re Living In A Dream – and the stylish acoustics of Fed Up – Rob continues to openly and honestly explore his own thoughts on life and the world in a consistently warming, heartfelt manner. His truth is everything here, and the music more than lives up to the implications and promises of the album’s title.

Towards the end of the collection, Kaden is an absolute highlight – a blues rock anthem with a brilliant sense of melody, story-line, and instrumental prowess. Really though, this feels so much like a best-of collection – something Rob Alexander has mastered as a long-term artist.

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