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Road Man Light at The Speed of Life


What can we say – we struck gold when we discovered this album. So genuinely refreshing to hear a stylish yet natural voice, expressed with such conviction and passion, and perfectly placed over a stunning set of summer vibes. This is Reggae, Roots, and Soul, at their very best; back the way they were meant to be – with meaning, feeling, depth, and clarity.

Road Man is the brain child of Jon Petronzio. ‘Light at the Speed of Life’ is the result of seven whole years worth of work; and what a result it is. Not a bad song in sight – all twelve tracks hold on to you, the kind of artist that says things you need to hear, and you don’t want to miss a word. ‘Dangerous Road’ in particular is a stunning song. Check it out.

What’s really great about the album is that you never quite know what to expect next. ‘Turn it Around’ showcases some impressive experimental production skills; an aptly named song for this kind of switch up. Fusing the reggae vibe with almost jazz like keyboard driven instrumentals, and not least of all letting some gorgeous harmonies shine bright throughout, this is the point at which you know you need the whole album, and not just a couple of tracks.

‘The Meeting’ is brilliantly catchy and memorable. You can check out the video on his Youtube channel, and get a little more of a feel for his sound and style. Lyrically so very intriguing and deep, particularly ‘Mankind Suicide’, with it’s haunting build up of brass instruments and the like, further enhancing the effect. Really clever, incredibly well crafted songs. A brilliant album, ending with the menacing yet beautiful ‘Blessing’.

Road Man has one of those voices that sticks with you long after the music has stopped. A superbly talented musician, originally a member of bands John Brown’s Body and Revision, finally decided to create and release the music that had built up inside of him over the years. And how glad we are that he did.

The album came out this year, you can grab it over at Bandcamp. Show some love on Facebook and Twitter, too. We look forward to seeing these tracks performed live at a summer festival some time soon. Awesome music. This is Road Man. Get involved.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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