RLGJohnWayne - Prisoner of My Own Mind, Vol. 1 - Stereo Stickman

RLGJohnWayne Prisoner of My Own Mind, Vol. 1


Stylishly blending fast bars with a brilliantly creative, almost care-free and minimalist manner of sound design, RLGJohnWayne takes full command of the process throughout this five-track EP.

The new project kicks into gear with a retro keys-led Cap Talk. Breathless vocals beg for you to listen more than once to catch every line and reference. The two voices or characters add dynamic, keeping you interested all the more-so. The track hits hard without utilising anything like filler of simple quirks for volume. A couple of loops, and an endless stream of smartly crafted, confident bars. A great way to start things off.

Hella Loud keeps things stylistically simple once again – all you need is a keyboard; talent and intention lead the way above all else. An easy anthem, quickly memorable and with more than a few striking bars to really draw you in. Featuring additional vocals that bring character and refreshing perspectives, the whole thing holds tight to this rhythm and groove with addictive, hypnotic swagger.

Where a famous movie quote kicked off the opener, Like A Rocket takes a little snippet from Rick and Morty, before embarking upon a classic heavy hip hop downpour that utilises short rhymes and another brilliantly simple riff to pave the way. Then you get these contrastingly quick verse bars, breathless again, intense and incredibly impressive right the way through.

Seeing things take a turn in a notably more melodic direction, Ynf stands tall with a catchy hook and a slightly disjointed, haunting riff. This track tells a story more notably, offering personal insight and helping strengthen that connection between artist and audience.

While the majority of this project is fairly dark and hard-hitting, it offers plenty of references to confidence and drive that help energize listeners in a bold way. Ride Smacked perhaps encapsulates this more than ever, seeing those scathing vocals dig deep into disarray yet also seek to motivate and inspire. A big anthem, with a brilliant beat and a great structure from verse flow to pre-chorus to hook.

RLGJohnWayne has managed to showcase his style and versatility with ease throughout this short project. Vol. 2 is likely to also be an easy must for classic, authentic hip hop fans.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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