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RJ Dennis After The Storm


Standing tall on the strength of its underlying solo acoustic guitar pattern and the sheer positivity and glow of the writing, RJ Dennis strips things back to the bare essentials, connecting with heart and some much-needed hopefulness, for After The Storm.

Written during a time of intended sadness, After The Storm emerged like a defiant opposing force – a tool for brightness and optimism when it was needed the most. RJ Dennis has captured a gorgeous rising acoustic guitar riff and intimate vocals, building up throughout these poetic and personal revelations, towards a falsetto reinforcement as we reach the resolve of the hook.

While the guitar sounds sublime in its finely captured live state, the voice brings a twist of clear personality and emotion that feels raw and authentic – still beautiful in its connection to the subject matter and melody, but a real-time performance that helps further the song’s depth and ability to inspire its listeners.

There’s always value in the purity of real music made by a single artist – sometimes these are the songs that hit with the greatest impact. RJ Dennis has built After The Storm with care and skill united.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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