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Rivertide One Day (Feat. Kara Leigh)


Rivertide’s music has a certain purity and softness that comes through with a welcomed organic honesty right now in among the volume and chaos of the world’s multi-layered, pop soundscape. One Day is a delicately emotional song that gradually builds upon its own levels of passion – as the lyrics evolve, as the instrumentation welcomes additional details, just subtly. The acoustic guitar drives things for the most part – you can hear the live sound, this solo acoustic show, or you can hear the full band set-up in a bigger space with every moment carefully catered to.

Rivertide’s songwriting is of a poetically thoughtful nature, this particular song looks to the future, considers the end of the line – not necessarily in a worried manner, but in one that brings through a notable touch of regret. The song itself has a calming ambiance, the chords and the melody feel hopeful, and the leading artist’s voice has a subtle, almost sleepy delivery style to it, which makes it all seem as if this is merely a diary entry from a quiet night in – an artist pondering life and the choices he’s made.

Even with its gentle, humble presentation, the song has certain key elements that make it recognisable once you’ve heard it even just once. The piano keys are a part of that, the additional vocals floating in the distance are another, but the main one is the two-note, descending simplicity of the song’s hook. The term one day fades off into the darkness, as if it was a dream reached for but with not quite enough energy or self-belief to make it. There still remains a dash of possibility in the sound, by the end you wonder if the day will come, but for the most part the song has the poignancy of poetry, and in a powerful way – it reminds you to capture the moment while you can.

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