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Rivertide Diamond In The Sky


Rivertide’s Diamond in The Sky has a much more hopeful feel than his previous track One DayFrom the offset, the rising and subsequently descending verse melody paints a clear picture, feeling familiar and slightly nostalgic in set-up. The song has the warmth of any classic, organic folk piece – reminiscent of the likes of The Lumineers. The song itself also has a slight flicker of Kodaline in the verses.

Musically the track is easy to get lost within, the set-up makes it the sort of mood-setting piece that would draw feelings of contentment from everyone in the room as it played out. A live show would be something beautiful, likely bringing people together, inspiring a sense of togetherness and a shared desire to simply embrace the good times and to revel in feelings of love.

As an artist, Rivertide brings through a comforting and widely accessible sound that would easily translate to stages far and wide. Whether it was an intimate, solo show, or something much fuller and more colourful, the songs would translate and make for a moment that’s easy to enjoy and escape into.

Rivertide’s leading voice also has a certain familiar tone to it once you’ve heard a couple of his songs. These two latest releases follow on from one another in a fitting manner, so you know that an album or a longer project would make for a reliable playlist or soundtrack to your day or indeed to a long drive home. His skills as a writer and a musician are clear, and his thoughtful writing style makes this the perfect music to enjoy either alone or out with friends and family – there are many festival stages the world over where a set from Rivertide would draw people to the front.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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