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River Grace Under My Bed


Fresh from the full-length album Progression, Under My Bed is a smooth and rightly progressive, ambient and hypnotically melodic single, which introduces the natural, calming creativity of River Grace in a quickly likable way.

From mellow, mildly nostalgic beginnings, through a jazz-cafe fusion of delicate rhythms and organic flickers of instrumental expression, Under My Bed is all at once the easy-listening session we seek out in times of chaos, and the absolute embrace or escapism we turn to in order to give any given moment a little more weight and emotion.

The music sweeps through the room and indeed your consciousness with subtle intensity, offering peacefulness alongside unquestionable direction and intention. There’s a melodic story-line at work, these jazz-kissed keys have purpose, and it proves captivating and even memorable – a rare trait in much of organic instrumental music’s catalogue of late.

A superb show of musicianship and composition combined. A pleasant, entrancing journey, which accompanies late night deep thinking as much as a quiet commute through the countryside. The rest of the album is a must once you’ve delved into even just a fraction of this piece.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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