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Risky4real Trinity


Retro synths and home-made rhythms back up an immediate hit of character as Risky4real kicks off his brand new EP with the bold and story-telling SBK.

Based in New York by way of Siberia, Risky4real brings a unique flavour to both production and rap. Having crafted his own audio sequencer, free for all to use, Risky4real showcases a creatively free manner of sound design, which in the case of SBK follows a simple yet anthem-like loop of mild intensity. This weight is furthered by the outpouring, single-toned vocal, injecting clear energy as the details of the story and the city strike through.

Coming in at a fairly brief two-thirty-five, SBK hits with impact thanks to its high energy vocal and the hypnotic, easily recognisable riff that repeats and repeats. As suggested, there’s a defiant sense of personality to the whole thing – the lyrical descriptions, the voice, the tone, the spacious and minimalist musicality. The upcoming three-track EP Trinity will undoubtedly be one of equally free artistry and expression.

Check out Risky4real on Facebook, Twitter & IG. Check out last year’s Mixtape here or Risy4Real’s unique audio sequencer.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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