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Rio137 Soldiers Cry (Forbidden Story)


Introducing the opening track of the emotive new album from Rio137, Soldier’s Cry unites heavy bass and trap rhythms with a cleanly-mixed, classically confident and lyrically compelling rap style, and proceeds to aim straight for the heart via poetic yet provocative realness.

Grabbing attention from the outset for his cadence and flow, the mellow and spacious delivery is elevated by the clear passion and tone of Rio’s voice, and within that we get equal parts story and personal reflection; for a true and captivating progression that consistently connects.

Making fine use of melody and even increasingly atmospheric strings and production, Soldiers Cry is powerful – familiar in set-up but refreshing in story and character.

These qualities continue throughout the album Forbidden Story, sixteen original tracks that highlight both a deeply contemplative manner of writing, and a clear sense of audience awareness in mastering the mic and the musical space.

Lost Letter follows the opener and showcases an affinity with good vibes and upbeat production combined, then the likes of Sunrise introduce a fearlessly passionate, near-falsetto vocal style for a welcomed hint of dynamic. Always Rio137 keeps emotion and integrity at the forefront, whatever the style or delivery pace.

Consider the likes of Far From Home as a further timeless rap anthem with an essential twist of melody and evolution for that mainstream appeal; a definite highlight. Then there’s the sudden intrigue of a dissonant and dark Lost In The Valley – another shift in soundscape and narrative, yet still the meandering Rio137 voice stands tall.

Versatility and identity united are strengths throughout the musically interesting and story-loaded album – an aptly-titled project that feels like a devoted ode to personal truth and soulful conviction.

Download or stream the project Forbidden Story here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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