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Rillivid Rest In Peace My Love


Life, Death, Love
They are always here.
They find us all. 

Rillivid’s long-awaited return brings through a touch of sadness this Valentine’s Day, but as is the way of his work – the point is to deal with truth, to be real, and to create musical escapism and understanding out of that.

Rest In Peace My Love is actually something of an uplifting track, those unusual synths – creative as ever – offer up a sense of rising energy and possibility; even of brightness pulsating out through the dark. Meanwhile the beat gathers energy, further layers of optimism warm up the outer edges, and wherever your mind takes you there’s no denying the sheer level of emotion the track brings about when you really let it play at volume.

Rillivid’s work always introduces synths and effects that you generally won’t find anywhere else. In this case, the various elements or building blocks have that same unique quality, but following this – the very essence of powerful dance music pours through in that rhythm and in the careful manner in which all of these layers come together. The composition quickly becomes this entrancing, inspiring piece of audio that’s genuinely beautiful to have play for you.

In addition to all of this, rather than settle upon a section of fullness and loop it throughout, the artistic undertones have been kept at the forefront of the journey. Rillivid has held the underlying sentiment close to heart, right the way through, so you can hear the changes, the evolution, the mixture of heartbreak and what could well be interpreted as celebration; however difficult that may be.

The whole thing moves from a simple house track to something much more colourful – lightness overtakes darkness, and slowly but surely the whole vibe of the track rises up higher than the title and the intro ever could prepare you for. It’s another worthy release and a gorgeous new addition to the Rillivid catalogue – and indeed to the long-term playlist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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