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Rillivid Pursuit Of Happiness (Pride Month Release)


Rillivid further showcases the unlimited nature of his abilities as a creative producer on this release dedicated to Pride Month. Celebrating love in all of its forms, the track leans in a fresh direction and brings more than a few new elements to the Rillivid soundscape catalogue. A rhythmic and easily immersive piece of down-tempo, relevantly colourful, alternative trip-hop – well worth letting into your life.

Always taking to the retro side of musical craft-work, Rillivid pulls in dashes of retro keys and synths alongside of a fairly industrial beat and waves of audio experimentation that weave in and out of the mix in a hypnotic and free way. The track hits softly but surely, moving through you with unexpectedly sudden changes and moments that really recapture your attention and affection. At around the 1:50 mark things totally reinvent themselves. The beat falls away, a raw and surprisingly beautiful, smile-inducing flute proceeds to guide the way, alongside of a few simple chords performed by some ambient, thoughtful strings.

After all of this, the true Rillivid effect smashes back onto the scene. Retro gaming sounds burst into play, followed by unpredictable dashes of all that is creative freedom – and thus, the freedom to be ourselves, to express ourselves however the hell we want to. This is, by quite a long shot, one of his most interesting and openly meandering releases to date. A fitting yet not overly obvious ode to the cause, enjoyable and characterful – a mighty addition to the Rillivid collection.

The second and third time you listen is where the real escapism comes into play. The journey embraces and overwhelms its listeners in a comforting and simultaneously energizing manner. The first third feels like a different experience to the second and final, but as you return to it all, that evolution becomes more familiar, more fitting. It’s beautifully unusual and as always, masterfully produced. A personal favourite.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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