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Rillivid Finding Hope


To consider the title and the reasons behind the making of this latest release is to significantly alter the way in which it’s received. To let your mind wander as the instrumental ambiance surrounds you is one thing, we all appreciate escapism, but to hold an awareness of what the music means, the experiences and feelings that led to the creation of this art, is to hear it in an entirely different way. To know that there was far more to this than music production or a studio session is to allow yourself to truly connect with it and with the artist who crafted it. And that’s when you get the full experience, the sort that changes your mood, your day, even your entire perspective on life.

Rillivid’s music has been primarily of a dark or industrial nature before now, never lacking in meaning, but not so openly relating to something so positive and powerful – the concept of hope, the prospect of a brighter future, our innate ability to move forwards through difficult times and come out stronger on the other side. For all of these reasons and more, Finding Hope is a stunning release.

To look at the physical shape of the song on Soundcloud is to see the varying stages of the story. To then dive in and witness it unfolding is to follow this complex and intricate journey along – the mind of the artist, shared through detailed and thoughtful sounds and samples, creating a welcoming and calming arena or soundscape within which we can all feel better together. The half way mark is really where things start to change, and this is incredibly clever structuring considering the topic of the song. In life, there is often a long and somewhat arduous journey through darkness or difficulty, and though it may seem as if it will never end, if you keep moving, you’ll see the truth. If you simply stay as you are, if you press pause; you’ll never know what was in store. The best is yet to come.

Remember friends, you’re here for a reason. No matter how dark things get you can find a reason to keep living. – Rillivid.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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