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Rillivid Break Through


Rillivid’s latest release is just about as dark and twisted as can be, musically speaking. The producer has crafted an industrial and intense sounding piece of music alongside a poetic outpouring that reflects the madness of modern society and the hole in a broken mind. Everything from the instrumentation to the mixing effects to the vocal performance adds well to the overall ambiance of the track and its underlying concept.

The artist uses his art and his creativity to express a certain string of emotions and ideas in a way that no one else quite seems to do, this in itself makes it more than worth taking the time out to listen to. The track is dark and perhaps even haunting, but it’s with intention, and as always – it’s superbly produced so as to really draw your focus to each of the relevant moments within the structure of it all.

Back in February we wrote about the album Mind’s Journey and mentioned there being a somewhat theatrical feel to the music. In this case, the track takes an entirely new approach to the whole electronic rock sound, yet the drama and the intensity are as powerful as ever.

The exciting thing about this new track is that it appears to be soaked in a fresh sense of frustration. It’s a reaction to how things are right now. The ambiance given off by the music and the leading vocal suggests a fear, a reluctance to continue, yet the lyrics, when you break them down, and even in a way the rhythm of the piece, give off an aura of possibility – of revolution, perhaps – of being on the cusp of something bigger and better. It’s an unusual combination, and it’s very much in keeping with the overall artistry of Rillivid and his catalogue of work. Although, admittedly, this one is something completely different.

The drop at just past two minutes is awesomely yet relevantly executed – not too much of a leap, but enough to leave you lost in the sound. Well worth a listen. Turn it up loud for the full effect.

Download the track via Bandcamp. Find and follow Rillivid on ReverbnationTwitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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