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RIIV Beautiful


The summer vibes are well and truly reignited with this single from RIIV. Beautiful celebrates love in a passionate and vibrant way, offering blissful synths and a smooth dance beat – alongside of a soulfully meandering vocal and an accessibly pop-like melody.

The song offers a few distinct moments of character – the on on on line and the questioning is it your love? offer notable moments of recognizable, quality pop writing that are easy to take on board. Reinforcing these moments is of course the strength of the singer’s vocal. This is undoubtedly an electronically sourced release, but unlike the vast majority of dance-pop hits – the vocal is not completely soaked in effects, nor has it been obviously manipulated so as to take away the natural emotion of it. On the contrary, there are definite emotional peaks in the performance – moments of grit and longing that perfectly support and enhance those catchy melodic instances.

In terms of the style or sound of this as a track to stumble upon in the background to your life, Beautiful feels as fit to grace the mainstream radio airwaves as any other uplifting EDM-fusion release. The finish is professional, the set-up is creative and warm – inviting and hopeful, optimistic; again underlining further that central gratitude and that celebration of love.

Whether you’re familiar with RIIV or not, this track makes for a big step forward in terms of building something lasting as an artist in today’s music industry. Moments that are a little more quirky or personally revealing will likely follow in the near future, so fans can then feel a deeper connection and stay involved and interested in the long run. For now though, the widely accessible nature of this release works wonderfully.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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