The song doesn’t seek to divide further or to exclude anyone, instead it speaks of similarities, and it talks of the negative impact of feeding the fire – resolving again with the idea of us heading towards a bleak future unless everyone takes steps towards something better.

Alt RockRock

The summer vibes are well and truly reignited with this single from RIIV. Beautiful celebrates love in a passionate and vibrant way, offering blissful synths and a smooth dance beat – alongside of a soulfully meandering vocal and an accessibly pop-like melody.


BMP’s rap skills are refreshingly enjoyable at this point within the industry. His lines pour through with equal parts personal story-telling & poetry, with a dash of all that is authentically hip hop. 


The wait for an appropriately entrancing video for this particular single makes so much sense once you’ve witnessed the final presentation. The scenery & shots within are offered up in a distinctly natural manner, which makes it connect all the more intensely.