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Rick Habana Coast


Carefully balancing gentle organic funk with an electronic lightness, built by delicate and warmth synths, Rick Habana offers up the perfect bit of audio escapism to get listeners feeling geared up for the brighter months.

Coast is a beautiful song, one that surprisingly lets the strength of its own ambiance lead the way for the most part – the journey isn’t about a melody or a hook, these are present, but they’re not the driving factor for the experience. Instead, the imaginative and gorgeously upbeat soundscape paints a comforting, welcoming aura in the room around you. On top of this, those smooth vocals pour through almost like additional instruments – the sax plays a role, the voices play a role, the entire track showcases a certain unity between elements that lets it just shine in the most natural manner.

The accompanying video lets those coastal vibes hit with all the more impact – making you crave the summertime and reinforcing the good energy of the track in the process.

As a producer, Rick Habana presents himself as skillful and easily capable of selecting and arranging only the most effective layers within a composition. He takes the central sentiment to heart, and crafts the music around this – only lightness can be found, only optimism and laid-back enthusiasm.

When you revisit the track, those opening chords, those vocal fragments, that edge of funk, the melody – all of this works as one to remind you of the immediate and lasting colour the song in full has to offer. It’s an easy pleasure to let this kind of pristinely molded piece of music fill the room. Hopefully there’s a longer project from Habana to look forward to in the near future.

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