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Richard Schroder We All Start Somewhere


Richard Schroder excels himself with this single. Beginning with that ever-professional, crisp and organic country sound, We All Start Somewhere progresses to captivate brilliantly, with detailed, fresh story-telling, and a fine balance between scene-setting and emotional honesty.

The verses of this song kick in from the offset with a sort of Sheryl Crow style of compelling story-telling. The voice and the sound, the delivery, are all unquestionable, on point and clean, beautiful to listen to. All that’s left is the songwriting, something that often falls behind in favour of familiarity and simplicity. In this case, Richard has taken a series of moments, different people from different backgrounds and lives, and ultimately resolved each verse and each story with an all-inclusive, broadly relevant and uplifting concept and brightness.

The drop to the hook is a beautiful moment – calming, inspiring, very simple in nature and memorable for this, but thanks to the somewhat more complex emotional content of the verses, that simplicity is merely the satisfying end to an uncertain progression. The whole thing sums up the very act of life, the ups and downs of existence and trying to make something of yourself.

It’s a powerful song that easily deserves to be the soundtrack to some energizing, hopeful new film – or indeed to your life as you go through personal difficulty or head out into the abyss.

There’ll be uphill battles you’ve gotta face, everybody’s taken a fall from grace, you’ve gotta get up, get up, get up…

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