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Richard Schroder Let’s See How Far We Can Go


Richard Schroder’s latest release feels like far more of a pop hit than anything purely country – not that either direction is preferable, there’s just a notably accessible and quickly engaging, memorable aura to this song, making it an easy one to relate to and enjoy.

Let’s See How Far We Can Go showcases some of Richard’s strongest vocals yet – the long-form melody and the hook line and title to match help let the concept really sink in. At the same time, they highlight the smoothness and subtle character of that leading voice, ultimately offering something that’s easy to recognise after hearing it just once. The effect is subtle, but it works in favour of letting the song reach further than a single genre often allows.

Instrumentally this is also perhaps the most colourful or multi-layered and pop-like of Richard’s releases to date, furthering that accessible nature. The verses have a classic and comforting familiarity to the way they develop, and the soundscape compliments the melodic progression and Richard’s voice really well at every step.

The pace quickens for the chorus, poetic language and optimism pour through, as well as an inherent sense of togetherness that helps give the song a strong appeal for those seeking out an alternative or new song to share with the one they love. Hard work, consistency, and a passion for the art-form always pay off in the end – Richard Schroder is undoubtedly an artist with a deep connection to that process.

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