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Rich Over


Offering up a soundscape and song as dreamy as its artwork, Over is a blissfully calming single from artist and songwriter Rich, and it’s rightfully been amassing an impressive number of streams since its release.

Coming in at a pretty perfect 3:33, Over follows the delicacy of a lightly tropical riff, alongside a wash of synths and vocal layers that softly breathe warmth and comfort into the room.

Blend in a leading vocal of equal softness, and a series of poetic reflections, and the whole thing connects for its intimacy and sense of honesty and longing.

There’s a subtle yet striking level of soul to the vocal delivery, particularly as the story-line progresses and we enter this realm of acceptance, of having made mistakes. The tone and delivery are subtle too, quietly mixed so as to stand beautifully in line with every other layer, but what you can hear connects for its purity and character. There’s even a hint of Half Moon Run to the performance style, and indeed the song-writing, though we get a more electro-pop aura to the production.

Beautiful, a fairly timeless hit and an easy one to relax into whenever the world gets a little heavy.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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