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Ria Adams Slam


Ria Adams’ Slam is a bright and energetic pop song. It takes a touch of musical creativity and fuses it with a string of lyrics that partly infuse energy and a desire to dance, and partly deal with a personal relationship gone wrong.

The track has a slightly retro vibe, musically speaking – the synths and keys featured make for an electronic yet notably spacious piece of music, all of which works in favour of the song being an undeniably memorable and quite striking take on modern pop. There’s also the unmistakable sound of an organic, acoustic guitar running fairly consistently in the backdrop, a simple touch that brings an element of realness into the mix and suggests that a live performance could either be huge and loaded with surprises, or very minimal and raw. In either case, Ria Adams’ voice is the sort that’s likely to come through with skill and relevant moments of both softness and strength.

The creativity underlined on this release is distinctly unusual. The opening few moments hit with impact due to the energy and sharpness of the beat, something which feeds into the song’s concept and title pretty effectively. The song slams into action, and as things progress, more and more of the unexpected beings to step up to the stage. There’s a strong utilisation of structure at every turn, and wherever the moment takes things musically, Ria Adams’ voice effortlessly accommodates it and reiterates the evolution with confidence and personality.

At its core, Slam offers a catchy melody and a rhythm and bounce that will most probably win over a number of audiences who revel in the boldness and colour of modern pop music. The energy and character presented on the release make for a strong introduction to a new artist with a passion for performance.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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