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Rhett Repko A Broken Song (Songs of the Night)


Rhett Repko’s return this year brings a full-band effort and a melancholy soft-rock anthem that’s organic and comfortingly familiar in set-up. A Broken Song is an official video release from the new EP Songs Of The Night and a great place to start if you’re new to the Rhett Repko sound.

Songwriting-wise the release sees Repko travel down an emotionally turbulent pathway, having loved and lost there’s an ongoing air of personal struggle to the lyrics and slightly to the melody as it falls at the end of each line. The mood isn’t overly soaked in sadness though, there’s a weight to it – the rhythm and the additional vocals, the progression and the simple bounce, it’s not uplifting as such but it brings about a sense of overcoming that contrasts with the difficulty expressed in the lyrics.

Those classic indie-rock oohs in the distance offer a cleansing vibe, as does the guitar riff between vocals – the whole thing leans musically in something of a Kings Of Leon direction. The lyrics are much simpler though, straight to the point, literal for the most part, and in this musical setting lines like Tell her that my love’s good as gone stand out and leave you thinking this is indeed a song of moving on in life, of overcoming and of self-empowerment after pain.

The whole thing is well performed and offers the warmth of a pop-rock anthem that drives with truthfulness – all in all making this an easy to relate to piece of music and writing that’s set to appeal to a wider audience for its balance between simplicity and genuineness. The EP in full is worth a look, for sure.

Stream the the new EP Songs Of The Night on Spotify. Find & follow Rhett Repko on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

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