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Rhagetti Never Enough


Creatively on point in terms of both talent and work ethic, artist and songwriter Rhagetti has built up a uniquely enchanting catalogue of original songs and projects over the years, culminating in the upcoming launch of his soul-rock-kissed and unforgettable single Sinner.

To look back through his music is to feel an impressive sense of consistency and relevance – the songs age like wine, the vocal maintains its familiarity and integrity, and the writing continues to speak on genuine issues relating to love and the role of the self.

We begin with Doh, an infectious and summer-style bounce of a track, with a contrasting emotional and lyrical depth and darkness that’s beautifully appealing.

All at once Rhagetti showcases a naturally enchanting vocal style and a superb approach to immersive, melodic and mildly choir-like production style. The track is addictive, catchy and hypnotic to let play, and introduces the refreshingly thoughtful and honest songwriting of Rhagetti in a brilliantly interesting fashion.

As we move into Honest, Rhagetti leads with simple keys, flute and saxophone – an atmospheric opening that again presents us with a dancehall groove and light, dreamy vocals that naturally draw you in. The lyrics as ever reflect on genuine issues, the title proving wholly relevant to the subject matter, and the song – though more subtle than Doh – quickly securing its appeal as an ambient go-to.

From the same EP as Doh – Never Enough – Perfect Woman raises the pace a little, leaning towards an afro-beats floor-filler energy but still maintaining a likable minimalism in terms of the layers chosen and this easy fusion of rhythm and melody.

Offering a similar sense of optimism and energy, from 2021’s EP Waveboy, Monica brings a colourful and multilayered soundtrack and array of instruments, with a crisp and confident vocal – all in all intertwining subtle melancholy with a seductive and smooth sense of possibility. This timeless track is a definite highlight from the Rhagetti repertoire, still feeling relevant and addictive in both tone and melody three years on.

From the same project, Wavy presents a piano-led introduction – another welcomed twist of creativity that paves the way well for this distinctly poetic and powerful track. Rhagetti brings the drama, the performative presence, amidst a spacious backdrop that slowly sees anticipation rise. Intensity and passion persevere – a shift in style but no less recognisable for that Rhagetti voice in both lyric and tone.

The latest single Sinner welcomes a gritty touch of electric guitar – soulful and mighty in its supporting of a short-lined verse section that builds up interest through both story and delivery. Rhagetti has the vocal, writing and production capabilities to really take over a huge part of the current indie landscape. Great music – absolutely worth knowing about.

Pre-save the newest single Sinnerset to release on April 25th. Find Rhagetti on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Your profound understanding and appreciation of Rhagetti’s music have not gone unnoticed.

    As someone close to him, it’s refreshing to come across musicians like yourself who appreciate and celebrate his greatness.

    Looking forward to more beautiful moments shared through music.

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