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Rex Brezie Pain and Tears


The UK’s own Rex Brezie delivers a refreshing fusion of lyrical poignancy, vocal calm and creative production to the contemporary hip hop scene with this latest single.

Driving with a quickly engaging, smooth and subtle yet recognizable voice, and a compressed, warm beat that feels nostalgic by nature, Pain and Tears is a deeply human, honest and endearing piece of writing and performance, with a mellow, mildly humble presentation, which allows the depth of the lyrics to really reach out.

Kicking into gear with the song’s hook, there’s immediately a rhythmic and memorable moment to cling to as a listener. This line is optimistic, yet it talks with a certain air of realness – the journey isn’t easy, but it’s not something to ever give up on.

Brezie’s verses further this inspiring, motivational core with more detail about the artist’s own journey in life and music. The whole thing moves along and resolves in a satisfying, addictive fashion – circling around and embracing listeners like a classic hip hop anthem for deep thinkers should.

This calm and collected approach is like a breath of fresh air right about now – the Verb T-esque subtlety and clever bars lay bare a new story in a quietly striking way; as opposed to the heavy beats, quirks and volume found elsewhere in the scene in recent years.

Rex Brezie makes himself known in a smart way, and this track proves a worthy introduction.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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