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Now You Know is an emotionally poignant pop-rock ballad from a band who bare their souls in both their writing and their performances. It’s a mighty song, loaded with poetry and passion, driven by a cleverly ascending and gradually intensifying melody and a musicality that follows a similar route of evolution.

Rewind are a band who burst on to the scene with this single and immediately convince you of their own unique sense of artistry. As the song plays out, the level of influence seems greatly varied – a touch of punk-rock is contrasted unexpectedly with a dash of electronica or synth-led EDM. Not only have the band organically sourced and recorded this, but they’ve fused every ounce of realness with a note-worthy level of detail that really helps bring out the brightness of the whole set-up.

The way the band have structured this single is really powerful. What begins as an acoustic guitar piece with a distantly epic drum-line, quickly becomes this multi-layered moment of absolute strength and colour. Every performance involved works hard to create this genuine few minutes of escapism and expression and connection for all who hear it. The structure can’t be praised enough, and on top of this – the emotional integrity, the genuine edge that can be heard in the leading voice – it captivates, and prior to this the concept intrigues immensely. It’s a winning combination but it’s also one that seems very natural – not crafted with the intention of selling well, but stumbling upon that likelihood regardless; for the exciting fusion of elements and the unquestionably reflective honesty that pours through with every line.

As the track comes to a close, the entrancing set-up works further magic – the piece fades out to the sound of distant keys. This idea of learning the truth is underlined by every aspect of the song; every moment shows you something new. It’s a pleasure to listen to and hopefully there’s a lot more to come from Rewind.

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