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Rev. Peter Unger An Instrument Of His Love


Rev. Peter Unger returns with another beautifully skillful duo of acoustic guitars supporting a gentle and emotional song and tribute to his faith. The sound is always refreshing to rediscover, and with every new song the writer and vocalist presents something heartfelt and ultimately very easy to listen to.

The development of the instrumentation as the chord progression builds and falls away is sublime. Additionally, the structure of the song on the whole accompanies this evolution. The verses have a tenderness to them, the repetition and the message, the story told, step forwards in a very calm and genuine way. Then as the chorus comes into play, the notes that emerge reinforce the strength of the section and add a lot of weight to the emotional presence of this moment.

The artist sings about the power of music and the connection that it allows people to have with each other. The words speak a lot of truth, as they are the sort that would perhaps not otherwise have come to meet the ears of many people – without the accompanying melody, the beautiful guitar work, the overall performance, and of course the power of the internet. All of this comes as an instrument for connection and for sharing and togetherness, and it’s all touched upon throughout the song’s message and overall mood.

It’s a gorgeous song and definitely one of Rev. Peter Unger’s more memorable ones. The switch from the verse to the chorus has a lot of impact due to its clever arrangement and musicality. It’s a pleasure to listen to, as always, and it comes with a message of truth that music is this universal tool for everyone to share and to reach out and connect with others through.

Find and follow Rev. Peter Unger over on Reverbnation for more information and to listen to the songs.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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