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Renée Ruth We Are One


From breathy and ambient beginnings, through a fully cinematic and colourful hit of rhythm and passion, Renée Ruth captures the essence of unity and possibility, with We Are One.

Initially taking a quietly reflective route towards enthralling listeners for its heartfelt level of togetherness and optimism, and actually with a hint of Snow Patrol to its progression, We Are One introduces a committed singer and artist, with an expressive yet delicate and emotive leading voice.

As things progress, the soundscape gathers serious momentum, with multiple layers of tribal rhythms, keys, synths and further details, ultimately transforming the song into this newly movie-ready and anthemic explosion of brightness and celebration.

That shift in energy and presence is mighty, and works beautifully in both reinforcing the central ideas of the writing, and further underlining the skill and conviction of Renée Ruth as our guiding artist.

Also featuring some long-form meandering solos for a twist on the original melody, all tuneful aspects of We Are One prove refreshingly free-flowing – whilst remaining rooted amidst the familiar traits of popular music; the likes of which will likely appeal to and connect with a much broader audience.

Check out the single here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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