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Remember Jones Tranquilizer!


Remember Jones is Anthony D’Amato and a collection musically gifted friends who’ve come together to showcase and illuminate a series of insanely uplifting and soulful funk-fusion songs. The Tranquilizer! EP opens up with the title track, though to say it opens up is something of an understatement. The project explodes into action from the offset with the organic yet immense sound of a full jazz and funk band, complete with characterful riffs, unwavering rhythm, and an other worldly vocal performance that just screams authenticity and passion.

The subject matter of the songs comes a little later on, the initial feeling you take away from this music is a warm and wonderful one – the sort that leaves you feeling motivated, confident, joyful, ready for anything. That word authentic really fits well here, there’s something beautifully real about the way in which these songs have been performed. The recordings have a touch of vintage soul that was all too long ago captured in many a smokey jazz bar – it hasn’t been faked here, not merely imitated for style points – this is genuine music, crafted and performed by genuine artists; not least of all the leading man himself.

What a voice. Through and through, it never lets up, it never disappoints. From the subtle soulful softness of The Stormy Suite, to the high energy and often fast pace of Don’t Put Me On Hold, this is a voice that needs no effects, no enhancements, no apologies. It’s superb, and it’s something that’s been missing from modern music, particularly in this very real, musicianship led arena of creative freedom. These songs are far from formulaic, they appear at times to be nothing more than a passionate stream of consciousness, an eclectic jam, a collective pursuit of creative freedom and therapeutic expression. And yet with every moment, as a listener, you’re captivated, and addicted to this sound and these feelings that it gives you. It’s music to make you feel alive, and incredibly happy to be so.

Why Don’t They Cry is the final track of the EP and it’s a stunning way to finish. This gentler, raw and uncompromised recording captures the very essence of artistic expression and desire. The leading vocal is laid almost completely bare at times, and it’s mesmerising, the sort that gives you shivers, that makes you want to immediately press play again when it finishes, four or five times in a row. The emotion of this particular track shows another side to the songwriter. It’s thought provoking, and the performance, without a doubt, reinforces at every step that inner turmoil and frustration that is often so heavily a part of being human. Just as real soul music should, the recordings portray those inner feelings that are otherwise so difficult if not impossible to define.

“We are all about feeling, authenticity, taking you away from where you currently are and putting you in a new place. Music is healing and everything from a good lyric to a good beat can take you to a place you desire. Therefore, Tranquilizer!”

The title quite beautifully represents what you get from this collection. It’s an incredible EP, a sure sign of unmissable lives shows to come, and hopefully the start of something really special. Pre-order the EP on iTunes. Find & follow Remember Jones on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Visit their Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Great set of musicians. All work so well together. Gotta catch them do a live show, so much energy and commitment. Your feet will move to the fast paced tunes, and you’ll have no choice but to slow dance to the softer tunes . Either way your heart will dance. Definitely find a way to feel the rhythm with Remember Jones.

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