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RELL DA PLEZHER Love Withdrawals


Featuring refreshingly organic guitar leads and lashings of melody intertwined with revealing elements of personal journey, RELL DA PLEZHER follows up the success of his 2020 album Here 2 Please with the immense new project Love Withdrawals, geared for release once again on Valentines.

Emerging complete with the accompanying documentary, embedded below, the project furthers RELL DA PLEZHER’s reach as a rapper and artist.

Here 2 Please delivered emotive classics like the memorable opener Stalling, the smooth and intimate Weekend Vibes, and the jazz and soul-kissed story tellers Take a Chance and Make You Mine. As an unforgettable stand-out, Thug Lovin’ remains one of the most widely streamed and catchy singles from that debut.

Always there’s an aptly loving sense of longing and oneness at the heart of the writing, with RELL DA PLEZHER’s unmistakable voice guiding the way with quiet confidence and style. Realism is crucial though, these aren’t ballads or predictable love songs, far from it, and the new album looks set to deliver more of the same honest reflections on relationships.

Strong rhythms, captivating bars, delicate melodies and faultless production – the new release, complete with the documentary shining light on the making of and experiences intertwined with Love Withdrawals, looks set to aim high and hit the mark.

New album out February 14th. Download the debut Here 2 Please via Apple. Check out RELL DA PLEZHER on Facebook & Instagram.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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