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Reis Armstrong New Jack Nostalgia


Introducing a long-awaited journey through the blissful comfort of nostalgia. Reis Armstrong’s brand new aptly-titled album more than meets the implications of its artwork and name, setting the mood from the outset and proceeding to deliver a smooth and enjoyable dose of freedom from the contemporary rat-race.

Eleven original tracks make up New Jack Nostalgia, beginning with the old school tones, melodies and simplicity of Guess Not – a catchy and calming production, with RnB and Hip Hop vocals stylishly united across a yesteryear rhythm and uplifting arrangement of timeless sounds.

We then move into the slick appeal of a riding bass line and more of those nostalgic RnB vocal adlibs. Dreaming feels like a genuine anthem from the nineties, a smooth ode to ambition and contemplation, with a likably retro beat and fragments of Gospel again setting the mood for easy escapism.

Love Scars takes us there with scenery and smooth bars, the spoken rap style perfectly in keeping with the soundtracks of the late eighties and early nineties. A choir of voices builds dynamic, soulful melodies and looping sentiments creating a serene and smart presentation, before things switch gears for a fast-paced set of bars during the final third.

For those new to the style, you might find similar vibes amidst the hit movies of eras past – the days when street rap battles, break dancing and colourful clothes hung on the air like a stylish hit of opposition to the mundane. Reis Armstrong recaptures the purity of those days, and does so with original songwriting and a clear sense of unity and passion for the process.

New Jack Bounce is an easy highlight, upbeat and elevated by its horn section and slick bars as the bass and beat guide us towards a more positive state of mind. Then for Sunshine we’re in a sultry realm, auto-tune bringing through a touch of the modern rap scene, before Summertime in Fiji, Pt. 2 promises the vintage crackle of vinyl and an intoxicating presentation of melodies and traits that naturally raise the bar. Another defiant stand-out and a lasting ear-worm from the album.

Arrangement matters, and always we move from the higher energy to the seductive and calming – never too starkly, and never without continued relevance to the distinct sound of New Jack Nostalgia. Make Me Wait falls into place at just the right moment, and is followed by the unexpected doo-wop joy and confidence of 88 Fate.

Crisp vocals and personality meet with likable keys, for the lo-fi good vibes gem Uncool – another strong track from a playlist that feels a little like a reanimated greatest hits collection. After this, Red Roses employs minimalism and a vintage recording to recapture any wandering minds. The video and performance alike effectively blur the lines between the past and present, and the whole thing captivates brilliantly for its style, rhythm, and devotion to the cause.

Nola Darling follows and feels almost like a well-placed sequel. The track wraps up the collection with quirky production and simplicity all united with that smooth flow, vocal integrity, and clear connection to the easily engaging sounds of decades past.

Reis Armstrong compels you to relax, listen, and appreciate the building blocks of today’s music scene, with this consistently enjoyable, authentic and addictive commitment to New Jack Nostalgia.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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