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Reina Mora Trouble


Reina Mora’s Trouble is a single that introduces a mellow groove and accompanying melody line that make it feel like the perfect sort of track to drive to. The low energy of the beat is contrasted with the rising passion of the artist’s vocal performance as the song progresses, certain flickers of distortion and additional energy add to this contrast intermittently, as the does the overall structure of the song.

The writing and arrangement has resulted in a gentle verse section – spacious, reflective – leading confidently up towards a heavier and quite striking chorus section. This works perfectly, the song plays out and surrounds you in the way that any emotionally driven pop song should. The word pop is a little lacking though, the specifics of this song lean in a number of different directions – snippets of jazz appear on occasion, a definite rock influence is hinted at within the drum line and the electric guitar parts. It’s only really the songwriting that comes through as the sort that would satisfy any number of audiences who respond positively to mainstream or popular music. That’s a strong way to begin, the song is easy to enjoy, and for those who aren’t yet familiar with the artist’s work – it’s a great introduction to her style and her creativity.

Conceptually, the song deals with a potentially toxic relationship, the unusual thing is the position of the performer within this story-line. It’s a little vague at times who exactly is bringing the trouble, it seems pretty equal, this feels like much more of a seductive song, expressing a moment of weakness that could be regretted but actually isn’t. It’s fairly a refreshing approach and it fits in with the cool and stylish musicality underneath it. Reina Mora’s voice is flawless, always smooth, delicate when necessary but then almighty when things evolve to be bigger and brighter.

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