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Reignite Sounds of Grace EP


Leading with organic folk-pop vibes and intimate, upfront vocal melodies, Christian duo Reignite rise up into soft-rock territories throughout this emotive yet energising new EP of originals.

Featuring an immediately welcoming sound, simple initially before the bigger-band arrangement kicks in and quickly prompts intertest in a live show, Sounds Of Grace fires into action with a beautifully poetic, imagery-laden and gratitude-driven God is Our Refuge and Our Strength.

A pop-rock anthem with a touch of horn and Gospel-like layers of voice for a bright and beautiful sound, which simultaneously celebrates the natural gifts of the world.

Following the opener, things veer off into acoustic rock territories with the comforting strum of You Would Be There. A more breathy delivery, the guitars ringing out and creating a live, personal mood. The lyrics are equally personal, grateful and aware, genuine in their outpouring of love and appreciation.

Beautifully written, crafted and performed. The production allows the natural purity of the songs to really embrace listeners in a powerful and passionately awakening manner.

With Sound Of Grace, the set-up changes once again, but still we have these raspy, authentic and emotional vocals at the forefront – and these refreshing lyrical odes to a higher power; an alternative form of Christian folk-pop that’s brilliantly engaging. Here we get an almost Celtic vibe initially, and more of the Reignite way of song writing – strong melodies and resolves, simplicity musically backed by acceptance and warmth lyrically and in the surrounding instrumentation. The build-up and drop is mighty, another anthem of togetherness that washes away the busyness of the world for a while.

The piano-led delicacy of Your Presence Stirs My Hope is really well-placed within this project. Suddenly quiet, reflective, honest and captivating. Gorgeously performed, poetic as ever and deeply intimate – not feeling written for audience attention in any way, but more like a from-the-heart declaration of connection and the search for self-enlightenment. Once more, the song builds up to a passionate peak that’s euphoric as it rains down around you.

Folk oneness guides us through a rising power and oneness that is You Cover Me With Your Love – new voices, an acoustic piano and guitar pairing with a clear sense of evolving anticipation. Then there’s the near-country groove and catchy melody of The Other Side, perhaps the EP’s most infectious, memorable and rather timeless classic. The perfect way to finish this wonderfully open and immersive collection of songs.

Reignite showcase a focused and skilful way with writing and performance throughout this new project. Far from exclusive to listeners of Christian music, the songs connect for their seeking, their clarity, their willingness to be vulnerable and indeed to celebrate life and the world around us. Beautiful.

Download the album via Apple. Check out Reignite via their Website or Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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