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ReHumanise The Sacred Realm Of Sokar


Hypnotic guitar work and a clear sense of live performance appeal – ReHumanise weaves a creative web of sound and concept around listeners with this powerfully immersive new single.

Leading with a kind of loop-pedal-esque fusion of tribal rhythms and other organic layers, The Sacred Realm of Sokar seems to unite elements of a Xavier Rudd set with a somewhat more indie-rock vocal style and song-writing structure. A select few lyrics and lines repeat and add to the organic build-up of patterns that are slowly enveloping listeners, and within the first minute the track has you gripped in its warmth and contemplation.

Coming in at an impressive near-five minutes thirty, The Scared Realm Of Sokar manages to break the implication of repetition just enough times to keep you interested. Things fall back, change direction, new layers intertwine and cascade around you – multiple voices rain down during the latter half, amidst an authentically world-music soaked ambiance that feels almost like a chant or call to the greater realms. Both the artist and song name seem incredibly on point considering the mood and effect of the music as it makes its way through this lifespan.

The final quarter tips its hat a little more-so to that indie aura – the rhythm and the melody, the reverb and the live stage sound – helping finalise the journey with a clear level of progression or evolution.

It’s not a song you want to simply dip in and out of, as perhaps its into implies, but rather – one that lives its full purpose out when experienced from start to finish.

Beautifully done, I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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